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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Do you charge any listing fees?

A:  NO!  Don’t ever pay a listing fee!  Legitimate reseller companies will build their commission into the sales price.  We have no “out of pocket” fees for WorldMark owners who accept our cash offers. 

Q:  If I accept your offer, then how long will it be until I receive my money?

A:  We send the payment when the transfer completes. It normally takes around 4 months to complete the transfer process.

Q:  What happens when I accept your cash offer?  What is the process?

A:  The whole process is outlined in the Sellers page.

Q:  Do you charge any closing costs to buyers?

A:  Buyers pay sales price plus $299 transfer fee.  No other costs or fees at all.

Q:  What forms of payment do you accept?

A:  We take cash, check, Paypal payment or credit card payment.  If you choose to pay through Paypal then we have to pass along the 3.5% fee that Paypal charges us.  A credit card payment over the phone will have a 3.5% fee added to it. If you’d rather not pay the extra fee, then you’re welcome to pay with a check.

Q:  Where are the locations of the WorldMark resorts?

A:  Go to www.worldmarktheclub.com and click on “Resort Gallery” to see a map of all the locations.  All of the blue dots are a WorldMark resorts that you can use your credits at.

Q:  Are there any differences between buying a WorldMark timeshare on the resale market and buying one from WorldMark?

A:  Well, the biggest difference is the price.  WorldMark charges $3+ per credit if you buy a timeshare at one of their sales presentations.  Don’t do it!!  The only difference is that WorldMark offers TravelShare to owners who buy directly from them.  So what exactly is TravelShare? Well, it is pretty complicated but here’s the basics:

TravelShare was added by Wyndham Corporation in 2006 as a way for their retail credits to try to compete with the resale market credits.  It is non-transferrable and only available with accounts bought directly from the developer at retail prices.
TravelShare is a “tiered” membership. The more TravelShare credits you have, the higher up the tier you go with more benefits, etc.

TravelShare: No credit limit

Elite: 20,000 – 34,999

Diamond Elite: 35,000 – 62,999

Platinum Elite: 63,000 +

Basically, at the lower level, a TravelShare membership would give you the following:

Extended Bonus Time (called FunTime)
Can book your bonus time 21-42 days from check in (depending on your TravelShare level)
PROS – Can get a jump on Bonus Time bookings (normally 14 days before check in)
CONS – It costs 7 cents per credit to book. Regular Bonus Time costs 6 cents per credit. Many TravelShare members say they don’t use it because they don’t want to pay extra for the extra week booking advance.
WITHOUT TRAVELSHARE – Just pay less to stay during Bonus Time booking windows.

Free RCI Membership
Free membership to RCI (normally around $100 annually) and RCI points can be used towards individual night stays at select locations instead of just being able to trade a week for a week.
PROS – Free membership to RCI and added flexibility in RCI usage
CONS – WorldMark charges TravelShare dues in addition to maintenance fees which end up being around $10 more per month so your total “out of pocket” fees annually is more than just paying for a RCI membership.
WITHOUT TRAVELSHARE – Just pay the annual fee for an RCI membership if you want one.

Access to Fairfield and Wyndham Resorts
Points can be used to book stays at Fairfield and Wyndham Resorts in addition to WorldMark Resorts
PROS – Increased flexibility in points usage
CONS – Only a percentage of the rooms at the Fairfield and Wyndham Resorts are available for booking by WorldMark members.
WITHOUT TRAVELSHARE – If you want access to these resorts without TravelShare, then just exchange for them through RCI.

A few other perks . . . you get priority registration when arriving at a WorldMark resort. You have a preferred 1-800 number for phone bookings.
WITHOUT TRAVELSHARE – Just stand in the regular line which is usually just as empty as the priority line.  Call the regular 1-800 number or book online (no wait).

In my humble opinion, definitely not worth it!  The biggest CON is the price tag which is around 90% higher than resale prices.  I recently spoke to someone who had “upgraded” which is code for “bought more TravelShare credits” and she bragged about paying $8,000 for 5,000 credits.  I almost fell over!!  Right now resale points are around 40 cents per annual credit.  With that same $8,000 she could have bought 20,000 more annual credits on the resale market.  Her excuse was that she didn’t know which one of the resellers are reputable.  Well, all of you know that already.
Personally, I love the flexiblity of the WorldMark system and I’ve never owned TravelShare and never plan to.

Q:  How many WorldMark credits does it take to book a week of vacation at a WorldMark resort?

A:  To book a week vacation in a 2 bedroom condo at a WorldMark resort, it generally takes 10,000 credits (Hawaii is 12,000).   If you just want a one bedroom condo then they are generally 8,000 credits for a week and a three bedroom condo is 12,000 credits for a week at most WorldMark resorts.

Q: How much are the WorldMark housekeeping fees if I don’t have a housekeeping credit to use when booking?

A:  Here’s the most recent housekeeping fee schedule:

Housekeeping Fees Effective January 1, 2017

Housekeeping Fees Unit Types Housekeeping Fees Unit Types
Studio Hotel
Studio Compact
2 Bedroom Chalet
3 Bedroom
3 Bedroom Plus
3 Bedroom Deluxe
Studio Plus
Studio Deluxe
3 Bedroom Chalet
1 Bedroom Compact
1 Bedroom Compact Hotel
1 Bedroom Hotel
2 Bedroom Penthouse
2 Bedroom Presidential
1 Bedroom
1 Bedroom Suite
1 Bedroom Plus
1 Bedroom Deluxe
2 Bedroom Compact
2 Bedroom Hotel
3 Bedroom Penthouse
3 Bedroom Presidential
2 Bedroom
2 Bedroom Suite
2 Bedroom Plus
2 Bedroom Deluxe
4 Bedroom Penthouse
4 Bedroom Presidential
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Q:  How much are the maintenance fees for WorldMark timeshares?

A:  Here’s a maintenance fee schedule effective January 1, 2017:

Annual Credits
Yearly Maintenance Fees
6,000 – 7,000
8,000 – 10,000
11,000 – 12,000
13,000 – 15,000
16,000 – 17,000
18,000 – 20,000
21,000 – 22,000
23,000 – 25,000
26,000 – 27,000
28,000 – 30,000
31,000 – 32,000
33,000 – 35,000
36,000 – 37,000
38,000 – 40,000

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